(November 4, 1987)
"Establishing the Occupational Safety and Health Center in the Employees' Compensation Commission" attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment.
     WHEAREAS,  there  is  an  imperative  need  to  upgrade  the capability of the Government to eliminate or reduce  work-related injuries,  illnesses  and  deaths which  have  resulted  in  huge economic  losses in terms of man-hours, destruction  of  property and more expenditure for employees' compensation, not to  mention 
the untold suffering of victims of industrial accidents and their families;
     WHEREAS, the effective implementation of occupational health and  safety programs will enhance significantly the  productivity of  industries, a critical factor in the attainment  of  national developmental  goals, and at the same time, promote  the  health, efficiency   and  general  well-being  of  the  Filipino   worker through the improvement of the quality of his working life;
     WHEREAS,  there is a need to establish an expert  industrial disease and occupational safety intelligence and training  center that  will  provide  the mechanisms in  the  achievement  of  the objectives set forth in the issuance;
     WHEREAS,  the Government of Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency has so graciously acceded to the request of  the Philippines to finance the construction  of  the Center  envisioned in this issuance and equip the same  with  the necessary   instruments,   equipment,  laboratories   and   other facilities as well as appropriate technology and expertise  under its grant-aid and technical cooperation programs;
     NOW,  THEREFORE,  I,  CORAZON C. AQUINO,  President  of  the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:
     SECTION 1.     There is hereby established in the Employees' Compensation  Commission  the  Occupational  Safety  and   Health Center, hereinafter referred to as the Center.
     SECTION  2.     The Center shall have the  following  powers and functions:
     a.    To  undertake  continuing studies  and  researches  on occupational  safety and health, including those relating to  the establishment of causal  connection  between diseases and occupations and the development of medical criteria in determining the nature and extent of impairment or diminution  in health,  functional capacity or life expectancy of the  employees as a result of their work and working conditions;
     b.   To plan, develop and implement training programs in the field of occupational safety and health, and related interests;
     c.   To serve as a clearing house of information and innovative  methods,  techniques and approaches in  dealing  with occupational safety and health problems and institute a mechanism of information dissemination to the general public;
     d.   To monitor the working environment by the use of industrial  hygiene, field and laboratory equipment  and  conduct medical examinations of workers exposed to hazardous  substances for the ready detection of occupational diseases;
     e.   To  act  as  the duly recognized  agency  to  undertake practical testing for safe use and set standard specifications of personal protective and other safety devices;
     f.    To assist government agencies and institutions in  the formulation of policies and standards on occupational safety  and health  and  other matters related thereto and  issue technical guidelines for the  prevention of occupational diseases and accidents;
     g.    To  adopt  annually a budget of  expenditures of the Center and its staff chargeable against the State Insurance Fund: Provided,  That  the SSS and GSIS shall advance  on  a  quarterly basis  the remittances of allotment of the loading fund for  this Center's operational expenses based on its annual budget as  duly approved  by the Department of Budget and  Management;  Provided, further, That such budget shall not exceed 4\% of the 12\%  loading fund  based  on  the total of the State Insurance  Fund  and  its earnings as of December 31st of the preceding years;
     h.    To perform such other acts as it may deem  appropriate for  the  attainment  of the purposes of the  Center  and  proper enforcement of the provisions of this Executive Order; and
     i.    To  enlist the assistance of government  agencies  and private  organizations  in  carrying out the objectives of the Center.
     SECTION  3.    The Employees' Compensation Commission  shall be the governing body of the Center.
     SECTION  4.      The  general  conduct  of  operations   and management  functions  of  the  Center shall  be  vested  in  the Executive Director under the immediate supervision of the Employees' Compensation Commission. He shall be appointed by the President  of  the  Philippines upon the  recommendation  of  the Chairman  of  the Employees' Compensation  Commission.  He  shall likewise  be appointed by the President of the  Philippines.  The Executive  Director  and Deputy Executive Director must  have  at least  a  Bachelor's degree and must have had  experience  of  at least five years in the administration of occupational health and safety  or employees' compensation and social security  programs. Their  annual  salary  shall  be  determined  by  the  Employees' 
Compensation Commission.
     The Executive Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Center  and  for  as  long  as  necessary,  a  chief  expert on occupational  safety  and  health from  the  Japan  International Cooperation Agency, shall sit as non-voting members of the Board.
     SECTION  5.     The technical staff and other  personnel  of the  Center  shall be appointed by  the  Employees'  Compensation Commission upon recommendation of the Executive Director.
     SECTION  6.      To insure its accessibility to workers, employers and the general public, the Center shall be located  at North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, in a two-hectare lot owned by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Department of Labor and Employment.
     SECTION  7.      The Administrator, Social  Security  System (SSS)  and the President and General Manager, Government  Service Insurance System (GSIS) are hereby ordered to immediately release the  amount of THIRTY MILLION PESOS (P30,000,000.00) out  of  the loading  fund of the State Insurance Fund and its earnings, on  a sharing  of  70\%  for the SSS and 30\% for the  GSIS  which  shall constitute  the  initial funds of the Center  for  calendar  year 1987:  Provided,  That no part of the aforesaid amount  shall  be used in the acquisition of the land provided for under Section  6 hereof.  Thereafter, the SSS and GSIS shall remit to the  Center, on  the  same sharing basis, such amount  corresponding  to  its annual budget in accordance with the provisions of this Executive Order.
     SECTION 8.     The Employees' Compensation Commission  shall issue such rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement the provisions of this Executive Order.
     SECTION  9.     This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.
     Done in the City of Manila, this 4th day of November, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. 
                                                                                                       (SGD.)  CORAZON C. AQUINO 
                                                                                                                    By the President:
Acting Executive Secretary

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