World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2012

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an International annual campaign to promote safe and healthy and decent work held every year on the 28th of April. This celebration is an integral part of the Global Strategy of the ILO on Safety and Health and Environment and of its advocacy policy. Since 2003, the ILO observes the world Day Safety and Health at Work stressing occupational safety and health (OSH) trends and the importance of preventing accidents and diseases at work encouraging the efforts of its tripartite social partners. The 28th of April is also a day which the world’s trade union movement has long associated with commemorating victims of occupational accidents and diseases. This year, as in previous years, tripartite events will be taking place world wide.

The theme for this year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work is: “Promoting safety and health in a green economy”

There is a shift in the world to a greener economy.  As the green economy progresses, it is essential that safety and health at work are integrated into green jobs policies. Even if certain jobs are considered to be “green”, the technologies used may not be safe at all. Green jobs should also be safe and healthy for workers and not only protect the environment. The ILO’s SafeWork Branch has prepared a report to serve as a background to this theme. It highlights occupational safety and health as an integral part of the promotion of green jobs and a greener economy as key drivers for achieving an economic and social development that is also environmentally sustainable.

Last year over 100 countries celebrated World Day Safety and Health at Work. Events ranged from events organized jointly by government authorities, employers’ organizations and trade unions to debates, workshops and exhibitions focussing on local priorities on occupational safety and health.

The ILO Report for the World Day for Safety and Health at work 2012 and other promotional material in English, French and Spanish, will be available on the SafeWork website for downloading shortly. We invite you to visit and to use our products to organize your activities on the date.


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