14th National Occupational Safety and Health Congress Paper Presentations

Plenary 1: OSH and Social Protection Beyond Borders
Decent Work and Occupational Safety and Health
Fair and Safe Globalization through Ethical and Effective Labor Inspection
Safe Mining Worldwide VISION ZERO and 7 Golden Rules
A Common Personal Protective Equipment Certification System for the ASEAN Economic Community

Plenary 2: Inclusion of Social Protection in OSH Systems
OSH in the ASEAN
The Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS) of the Philippines
Sustainable Development of OSH in Korea

Plenary 3: Walking the Talk - Integrating OSH in Government Policies and Programs
Enhancing Productivity in the Bus Transport Industry
The Philippine Ebola Preparedness Plan
Disaster Risk Reduction and Project NOAH Solutions

Session 1: Spreading OSH Good News
Improving the OHS Performance through the Kapatiran Program
Voluntary Code of Good Practices in the Construction Industry
Staging the System for Voluntary Compliance with GLS and OSHS on the IT-BPM Industry

Session 2: OSH for Vulnerable Sectors
Improving the Working Conditions of Construction Workers From '3D' to Decent Work
Integrating OSH in the GREAT Women Expanded Project
Health and Environmental Assessment of Agusan Farmers from Paraquat Exposure

Session 3: Decent Work and Child Labor
OSH Analysis on Hazardous Work of Child Workers in Sugarcane Farms
Assessment of Working Conditions of Crop Agricultural Workers Aged 15 to 17 (Phase II)
Child Labor-Free Establishment (CLFE) Certificate

Session 4: Effective Interventions on Occupational Environmental Safety and Health
SunPower Philippines' Employee Engagement and Recognition for Workplace Safety Program
Renewable Energy Safety, Health, and Environment Rules and Regulations
Iwas Aksidente Patrol (IwAP) mo! Project
Beyond OHSAS 18001 Creating a Culture that Strives for Safety and Health Excellence

Session 5: Capability Building on OSH
Giving Meaning to Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Birth of an Online Collaboration for Safety and Health - The safetyhow.com Website
Petron's Battle Plan - Preparing, Facing, and Recovering From Disasters to Ensure Business Continuity
OSH Courses in Selected Colleges and Universities in the Philippines

Session 6: Standards and Regulations on OSH for Specific Sectors
Department Order No. 136-14: Guidelines for the Implementation of GHS
Department Advisory No. 01-14:  OSH Protection Tips for Kasambahays and Employers  (OSH Tips)
The Proposed OSH in the Construction Industry Act
Updates on Compensation Criteria for Work-Related Illnesses

Session 7: OSH Profiles and Statistics
2011-2012 BITS OSH Practices in Establishments
Prevalence of Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, and Smoking of Filipino Adults
OSH Practices, Policies, and Programs of Selected BPOs, Hotels, and Construction Companies in 3 Major Cities of the Phil.
Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Public Workers  A Review of Employees' Compensation Claims from GSIS, 2010-2012

Session 8: Challenging OSH Issues
The Green Our DOLE Program (GODP)
ALU-BWI Experience Presentation on Pushing for the Implementation of NPEAD
Greening the Philippine Enterprises

Session 9: OSH in the Mines
OSH in Responsible Mining-P1
OSH in Responsible Mining-P2
OSH in the Mines Realizing Safety and Health in the Workplace
Updates on OSH Regulations in the Mines

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