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Regional Public Information Campaign and Training Activities
of the Occupational Safety and Health Center in Region 11
May 16-20, 2005


In continuing its program on regionalization of work safety and health, OSHC conducted training and information campaign activities in Davao City last May 16-20, 2005 .


Replicating the efforts in Cebu , Iloilo , Zamboanga, and Tacloban, information and training activities were also implemented in Davao City . As a result, Basic OSH had 15 participants; Construction Safety Training gathered 16; and the Seminar-Workshop on Work-Relatedness of Diseases also had 16 participants. In addition OSHC in partnership with RO 11 carried out an uZAPang OSH last May 18 which was attended by 61 people coming from both private and public sector, NGOs, professional groups, academe, and media.

In between these activities were 4 media guestings of both OSHC and DOLE-RO 11 officials and staff. Among the media stations that featured OSH were: Maayong Buntag Mindanao over ABS-CBN; DXRP; DXAB, and Radyo Mindanao Network.


The activities in Davao City in May 16-20, 2005 , resulted in the following:

•  OSHC signed a MOA with the Mindanao Safety Association (MINSAI), the only accredited training organization in Davao which has about 40 members to date. The MOA was signed during the uZAPang OSH forum to help in promoting the organization that was only accredited last March 2005.

•  The MOA cover joint undertakings in terms of information dissemination activities; training programs; implementation of the Zero Accident Program in the region, search for Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan nominees; and sustainability of programs and projects that stresses on including OSH in the regular activities of the organization (annex 1, 2, 3).

•  Results of the meeting with MINSAI are outlined below:




a. need to assist MINSAI, at least during its first year to progress, on Basic OSH and other trainings like Chemical Safety,

a. A 4-day Training of Trainors on Chemical Safety will be conducted in July for MINSAI

b. need to map out OSH capabilities of other organizations in Davao (i.e. laboratories for biological monitoring)

b. MINSAI said there are 2 laboratories for this purpose, a JICA-funded laboratory under Bureau of Plant Industry and one in the Bureau of Food and Drugs.

c. need to integrate OSH in the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

c. MINSAI will work on including OSH in the GAP which will be promoted by the Growth Equity in Mindanao . Under the GAP, all areas of safety – from food, farming, to human safety – will be considered such that no companies like DOLE Philippines will buy from small farmers unless they have a certification from GAP

d. MINSAI suggested to conduct the Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan on a per region basis to help companies save from additional expenses incurred during the GKK interviews which is done in Manila

d. OSHC will take this up with the Governing Board


•  OSHC held a separate meeting with the Davao City Chamber of Commerce (DCCI) and Industry which has about 350 members to date. It is the consultant of the Mindanao Business Council and is now a finalist to the Asian Search for the best employers' organization.




a. low level of awareness of DCCI members on OSH

a. DCCI to invite OSHC during the General Assembly on July 22 to discuss the significance of work safety and health during the SME Week. Also, for the DCCI and OSHC would carry out ½ day appreciation courses on various topics on OSH during the SME Week to further promote its importance

b. need to do a training needs analysis (TNA) of DCCI members

b. OSHC furnished DCCI with a questionnaire on TNA that will be presented during the SME Week. DCCI distributed the questionnaire to all its members

c. need for more sustainable programs on OSH in Davao

c. DCCI will review the MOA presented by OSHC


•  Based on the MOA signed with ALU-TUCP National President Democrito Mendoza, OSHC conducted a TNA with the officials of the ALU-TUCP Chapter in Davao City which has more than 5,000 members, mostly located in plantations in Region 11. The following agreements were reached:




a. need for training on chemical safety among farmers

a. OSHC and ALU-TUCP will conduct a 2-day Chemical Safety Training for workers in plantations in July.

b. need to conduct a study on the knowledge, and practices on pesticide use among farmers in Davao

b. OSHC is currently working on a MOA with Bayer Philippines. It will propose that the pilot area for the study be in Davao . OSHC will also try to source funds from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung for this comprehensive study on pesticide safety.

c. need for a medical surveillance of farmers in Davao

c. This will be done for 2006


•  In a separate meeting with Director Gloria Tango, labor inspectors and information officer, the following concerns were raised:




a. need for a focal person on OSH

a. Dir. Tango said all inspectors should have knowledge on OSH

b. training needs of DOLE-RO 11 labor inspectors

b. LSED Chief Quirino David that they noted an increasing number of requests for 1-day awareness courses on OSH and they would like OSHC to send more materials for this activity

c. need for continuous updating of information on OSH

c. Dir. Gust suggested a mini-library, if this is not possible, a little corner for OSH materials. She said OSHC is soliciting help from foreign organizations like the Japan International Cooperation Agency, International Labour Organization, National Safety Council, among others, for this project.

d. need for industry-specific training and information materials

d. Dir. Gust said that OSHC is responding to this concern. For instance, the Department Order on Construction Safety was sector specific. OSHC is also working on guidelines safety and health for Ports; Hotels and Restaurants; and Schools.

e. need to provide clients in the regions with more trainings but with reduced costs

e. Dir. Gust invited all the labor inspectors to join in the pilot Basic OSH distance learning program to start in Quarter 3 of 2005.



We therefore recommend the following strategies and activities to sustain preventive OSH work in Region 11

  • Present OSH during the SME Week sponsored by the Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry on July 22, 2005 . To maximize the OSHC visit, may we recommend that the 4-day Training of Trainors on Chemical Safety for the Mindanao Safety Association and the 2-day Chemical Safety Training for ALU-TUCP be done on the same period;
  • Sign a Memorandum of Agreement with DCCI for more sustainable activities in Region 11;
  • Conduct a Study on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices on Pesticide Use Among Farmers in RO 11
  • To discuss with the OSHC Governing Board the possibility of a Regional Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan
  • To carry out a medical surveillance for Davao plantations in 2006
  • Zero Accident Program membership distributed to all the participants and attendees of OSHC activities
  • Joint Activities on OSH with DOLE-RO 11 and key partners in the area.
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