OSHC REU-CAR orients kasambahays on safety and health tips

29 January 2017

Some 75 kasambahays benefitted from the Occupational Safety and Health Orientation held by the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) today during the Araw ng Kasambahay Celebration at the DILG Office, Baguio City.

OSHC-Regional Extension Unit CAR Focal Person Carl Bulatao discussed the appropriate responses and preventive measures for hazards and risks inherent to domestic work such as cuts from tools, joint and muscle pains due to improper lifting, falling, burns, fire, those brought by natural calamities, and security threats like theft and robbery.

As stated in the DOLE Department Advisory No. 1: Occupational Safety and Health Tips for Kasambahays and Employers, employers should orient the kasambahay on the general lay-out of the house including the locations of the main switch, emergency exits and fire extinguisher. He/She should also provide appropriate personal protective equipment like gloves, face masks, and aprons, fire extinguishers water and sand, as well as ensure that the kasambahay has humane sleeping quarters, adequate food and safe drinking water, access to sanitary facilities, and proper rest periods.

The said issuance also detailed general household safety tips for housekeeping, lifting, working at heights, working with hot liquids and surfaces, baby sitting and elderly care, handling pets, gardening, and waste disposal.