Created by virtue of Executive Order No. 307, on November 1987 by then President Corazon C. Aquino, the OSHC is envisioned as the national authority for research and training on matters pertaining to safety and health at work. It provides the expertise and intervention mechanism to improve workplace conditions in the Philippines.


It has a dual mandate of protecting Filipino workers against accidents and illnesses and promoting workers' welfare through effective programs that enhance productivity, workers well-being and afford social protection to its client sector. The Center adopts a multisectoral strategy with its partners -- business, workers group, other Government and Non-Governmental Organizations and the Academe to fulfill its mandate.


The OSHC has been designated as the national CIS Center for the Philippines on July 1991 to become the focal agency which receives and disseminates information matters from CIS Center in Geneva and the Asia-Pacific Regional Program on Occupational Safety and Health based in Bangkok which is under the International Labour Organization (ILO) to members of the inter-agency committee and other data users in the Philippines. This is consistent with its critical responsibility to provide access and improve the quality of Occupational Safety and Health information in the Philippine workplace.




A healthy and well-protected working population in a caring and responsive work-environment brought about by sound OSH policies and laws, research, training, information exchange, technical expertise and extensive networking.




To develop effective, responsive, and sustainable OSH programs, policies and services; promote excellent management of resources and foster mutually beneficial linkages that will create a healthy and safe work environment for workers in all industries.




 Undertake continuing studies and researches on occupational safety and health.

  • Plan, develop and implement occupational safety and health training programs.
  • Serve as clearing house for occupational safety and health information, methods, techniques, and approaches; and, institute an information dissemination mechanism.
  • Monitor work environment and conduct medical examinations of workers.
  • Serve as duly recognized agency for testing and setting standard specifications of Personal Protective Equipment and other safety devices.
  • Assist other GO's in policy and standards formulation on occupational safety and health matters; issue technical guidelines for prevention of occupational disease and accidents.
  • Enlist assistance of GO's and NGO's in achieving the objectives of the Center.
  • Perform such other acts appropriate for attainment of the above functions and enforcement of the provisions of Executive Order 307.




O - Outstanding professionalism

S - Service with dedication

H - Honesty and integrity

C - Competent workforce